500 tactical exercises for a specific physical preparation

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500 tactical exercises for a specific physical preparation

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In my professional experience, the player needs a specific tactical preparation as a directional axis, since all his requirements, among other conditional ones, are based on the need to fulfill some of the tactical functions of his position, on the need to create a high-intensity synergy with his teammates to form part of a whole that, through a game model with very specific hallmarks, tries to resolve game situations to neutralize and overcome the opposing team.

This book aims to provide guidelines for a definitive integration of all the capacities around the elements that direct them "tactics and cognition" helping the coaching staff to create real training contexts that allow the player and the team an optimal preparation to be able to develop the three main elements of soccer tactics: individual, collective and operational.

The practical part assumes great prominence with a selection of exercises, sessions, microcycles to integrate the tactical and conditional part.

Pdf format. Pages: 204. Graphics: color.