Annual subscription to soccer tactic magazine.


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Annual subscription to soccer tactic magazine.

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COACHING FOOTBALL offers all PROFESSIONAL and GROUP FOOTBALL COACHES the opportunity to subscribe to the magazine LA TACTICA EN EL FÚTBOL at a special price of €59.99 (price without promotion: €99).

The Soccer Tactics Magazine has it all:

Monthly online magazine with 10 editions a year.

More than 100 articles a year.

  • Single tactic.
  • Collective tactic.
  • operational tactic
  • Integrated technique training.
  • Integrated physical preparation.
  • tactical analysis.
  • Specific training for the goalkeeper, defenses, midfielders and forwards.
  • Practical exercises with the cognitive tactical method.
  • Training sessions, microcycles.
  • Conferences, interviews...

The subscription gives you the right to access 10 new editions every year!